CB MODIPALM - Screw Press

CBMODIPALM screw press


A proven design borne by many years’ of experience in the operation of palm mills.


Driven by Robust Geared Speed Reducer coupled to the spur gear unti.

Press Construction

Designed with ease of maintenance and a long production lifespan as the main engineering criteria.

The press construction is machined to precise tolerances from carbon steel and stainless steel is in three detachable sections.

Pressure Cones

The press pressure is regulated by pressure adjusting cones coupled with a heavy duty hydraulic system.


 1. High Extraction Efficiency

      The precise engineering and manufacturing of this screw press ensures a high extraction efficiency with minimal nut breakage.

 2. Durability

      All component parts of this press are engineered and precision machined using quality materials to ensure a long operational life.

      Heavy duty roller bearings are use throughtout to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

 3. Easy Operation

     The press is designed for simplicity of operation where only one Operator is required to supervise several presses.

     Pressure cone adjusment are simple and can be automated or manually adjusted as required.

     This flexibility will ensure continuous pressing opertion.

 4. Maintenance

     The maintenance aspect of the press is simple and requires no special tools.

     Replacement parts are interchangeatable between presses, thereby reducing the cost of stocking spare parts.

 5. Efficient technical Back-up Service

      All required spare parts are readily available ex-stock. On-site repair by our experienced technicians are also

      possible at a reasonable cost.


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