Winch Grab Suits To My Company Activity?

Winch Grab Suits To My Company Activity?

To maximizing the distribution of your raw materials, there are several tools to help to move them. We used to know those tools called as grabs, but what is grabs and what kind of grabs we should use for different kinds of materials? So today, we're going to explain several grabs that can help you to move the raws. There called Clamshell Grab, Hydraulic Grab, Electro-Hydraulic Grab, and Electro-Hydraulic Orange Peel.

The Clamshell Grab

Clamshell grab used for bulk material such as coal, sand, ores, cereals, and stone in loose bulk form. The purpose of using this clamshell grab is to handle the large amounts of bulk material in a single grab. Which is more efficient and faster way.

Clamshell grab also has a very high productive capacity, and very durable for a long time usage. And to lengthen the lifetime or usage time of Clamshell Grab, then the user should choose the grab that made of resistant steel with 450HB hardness.

The Hydraulic Grab and The Electro-Hydraulic Grab

There is separate definition of both Hydraulic Grab and Electro-Hydraulic Grab. The first one is Hydraulic Grab that used engine work system and requires fuel to work. In another way, the Electric one is using the electricity to work. Both of them have different advantages, the machine one is stronger and more durable through the time. But need a larger space and best for outdoor works. And the electric one is suited to attach to ships or indoor activity. Also, the electric one has lighter materials. Since the electric one has no gas emissions, then indeed it is the best choice for warehouse use.

The Electro-Hydraulic Orange Peel

The Orange Peel is very useful for loading and discharging waste or anything like mixed scraps, rocks, wood chips, and much more. It can attach to single drum cranes, mostly on shipboards or harbor cranes. But the electro-hydraulic orange peel, as it uses electricity as the power source. Can also use for indoor executions, such as a warehouse.

Winch one best for my company executions?

It is depending on what field that your company works. Whether on ports or ships, or indoor warehouse. And also it depends on what materials you need to maintain. You need also to pick the best crawler or bucket as some raw materials require the different approach and different type of bucket.

Learn The Stages of Palm Oil Processing

Learn The Stages of Palm Oil Processing

Palm oil is one of natural products resources of Indonesia. Processed palm oil was already widely used everyday. Among which are used as cosmetic ingredients or also foodstuffs. The lucrative palm oil business seems to make many people want to plunge and pursue the palm oil business. Indonesia's biggest name as the world's largest exporter of palm oil is unquestionable. Not surprisingly, palm oil is among the top three largest business producers for Indonesia.

To get maximum palm oil processing results, it takes several stages of processing. At the processing stage there will be a process of interdependence and related to each other. If one process is missed or obstacles, then the next process will also experience the same thing. That's why every stage should run perfectly according to the standard that has been determined. What are the steps to process oil palms? Here we go!

  1. Shorting process. At this early stage separated palm oil of good quality and bad to be processed to the next stage. The criteria is how big the maturity level of the palm fruit, because it affects the oil yield.
  2. Sterilizer process. Sterilizer is a pressurized steam vessel that works with a high level of risk. Sterilizer door should be checked before use, to anticipate the leak when the engine is turned on. Make sure you have a high quality machine that has a good cover warranty and a good machine connection. The trick, choose a machine that has a high-quality sterilizer door gasket.
  3. Thereser process. In this process the palm is separated from its bunches. The process runs using engine power, because if using human power will take a long time.
  4. Pressing process. Thee fourth stage is the core of all processes. Oil is taken from coconut by means of forging and powder. Because the core stage, it must be ensured in the previous stage runs perfectly, so that at this stage the oil produced can be optimal.

The importance of the sterilizer process requires the quality of sterilizer doors of good quality. If usually the door used is the result of import, but now there is a door of palm oil stew originating from Indonesia, such as Sterilizer Door Wang Yuen. Get yours immediately by contacting our customer service now!

Core Machines That Required to Run A Palm Oil Mill

Core Machines That Required to Run A Palm Oil Mill

Engine power becomes something that is very reliable in the processing of oil palm. Humanpower is considered inefficient to process oil palm, because the required energy is large enough. Technology that continues to grow also refine the quality of palm oil processing machine. This time there are two types of machines to be discussed and we find out what is the function in the palm oil mill. These two machines are sludge centrifuge (low speed separator) and engine decanter.

First we will discuss about sludge centrifuge for palm oil mill. We also known this machine as the low speed separator that has an important role in the process of oil palm separation.The workings of this machine is to separate the solid and liquid elements according to the humidity that has been determined. In order for the machine to work with maximum, it’s recommended to add use of wastewater sludge centrifuge. The process of sludge dewatering separator is also determined by temperature of oil in it. The standard temperature in that capacity is 90 degrees. Sludge centrifuge for palm oil mill used for the purpose of purifying the oil content, so that the resulting oil can be of high quality.

Next, there are decanter for palm oil. How decanter in palm oil millworks is separating liquid or suspension by weight. This machine can be called the most common machine in the palm oil mill.But the price tends to be expensive to make certain companies that have it. Mostly use decanter in palm oil mill for long term investment.This Decanter Machine is a machine that works by utilizing centrifugal force. This machine usually has a cylinder used as a separator shaft. The liquid that goes into this cylinder section will be rotated along with the cylinder. This rotational speed will form a centrifugal force that separates the 2 pieces of components in the liquid that are inserted into the machine.

Decanter for palm oildivided into several types, including 3-phase decanter machine, and 2-phase decanter engine. Which distinguishes is the number of components contained in a particular liquid or suspension.The speed of this machine can be adjusted according to the needs and types of liquids to be separated. In short, that's how the decanter works for palm oil. Once again to remember, machine quality is number one because it will affect the quality of processed palm oil later.

For those of you who are looking for quality machines for palm oil mills can visit our website soon. Guaranteed quality with friendly price!


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