Expeller Press

Expeller Press

The palm kernel oil expellers are designed with the main shaft directly driven by a coupling affixed to the gearbox. Thus, it has a simple structure by eliminating the need of an extra gear set. This EK series design of palm kernel oil expeller has improved maintainability and reduces maintenance costs and time.
Performance :
  • After 1st pressing            : 12% to 14% oil content remain in cake
  • After 2nd pressing           : Less than 7% oil content remain in cake
Model :
  • EK-100-K                           Capacity : 10 tons per 24 hours
  • EK-150-K                           Capacity : 15 tons per 24 hours
  • EK-200-K                           Capacity : 20 tons per 24 hours
  • EK-300-K                           Capacity : 30 tons per 24 hours

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